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Luxury Handmade Wedding Seating Table Plan.

Table Plans are a lovely way to showcase your seating arrangements to your guests.

We like to create your  luxury wedding seating plans around you using  your details that are provided ensuring each table plan we create is unique. We can create your table plan to match your wedding Invitations or you can choose a design from within our range. Each table plan can be made in any colour to match your colour theme and we can create plans that have many tables even up to 50+ which we have done before.

Table Plans can be created unframed if requested or framed at a small additional cost which provides luxury to your special day but also a memorable keepsake from your wedding. Each frame is available in Ivory, Silver or White and can be mirrored if requested. The size of our frames are approximately 24″ x 20″ although bigger frames can be used.


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